PAF Pickup With/Without Cover (pair)
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PAF Pickup With/Without Cover (pair)

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"The venerable Humbucking Pickup has been around for some 55 years. Originally conceived to reduce the chronic hum and noise created by the single coil pickups of the day, the Seth Lover design had an unexpected by-product. This was the inadvertent creation of what has become known as the iconic “Humbucking Sound”. Thousands upon thousands of pickups with this very design have been made since. Re-designs, reproductions and reissues have been manufactured by scores of companies both here and abroad (even by Gibson itself). None have been able to truly emulate the classic Humbucking sound of the early 50’s and 60’s guitars. This is said to be due to several possible and contributory factors including; natural aging, availability of original materials - and manufacturing differences which are either unknown, unavailable, or just too much trouble to duplicate. The Jimmy Wallace Vintage PAF offers a glimpse into the past, providing the sounds and look of the iconic vintage PAF. This has been achieved through painstaking research, seeking out hard-to-find materials and faithfully utilizing processes of the early initial fabricators. These include:
A-5 Rough Cast, Slightly Degaussed (vintage correct) elongated magnets.
Plain enameled wire of 42 AWG thickness.
Hand assembly including wire wrapping.
A confidential treatment to simulate the chronological effect of older pickups.
Butyrate bobbins, as used on the early PAF (This results in a pickup that not only sounds and looks like the original
PAF – but actually smells like one too!)
Application of specific construction methods that have been re-developed from extensive research.
Offered With Nickel Cover (installed) – or Without (white/black bobbins)
Typical Output Neck Pickup – 7.2K
Typical Output Bridge Pickup – 8.2K *Pickup Outputs will vary somewhat, considering they are hand wrapped."

Demo of PAF as played by Joe Mass. 

Bridge Position

Neck Position


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5 Star shout-out to Andrew for being professionally helpful and pleasant during a long-distance call/search for a certain Start.

Danny Bowie

This store made me wish I was a better guitar player. I mean to say, craftsmanship is right on the square in downtown Garland at Jimmy Wallace. Good grief!!! I saw the very best in amps and guitars. And parts and pickups were ready, as were the perfect strings. The quality is obvious. Enjoy the vibe. Save your funds up and shop here for the perfect guitar to change your life.

Dan Ford

To Mike and everyone at Jimmy Wallace Guitars...what can I say? Having purchased instruments from Vegas, to Nashville to Del Rio, and all places in between, you guys made me feel like family and treated me even better! You have a lifelong customer and I will send EVERYONE that I know your way. LOVE my “new” 1953 Gibson SJ....truly thrilled with this incredible instrument and incredible experience. Thank you and God Bless!

Chip Boyd

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