50's Flat Pole “Slab-Style” Pickup (set) **SALE**

Some of the first pickups were of the Flat Pole variety. These pickups were iconic in their inherent sound, and despite some elements that some see as design deficiencies, are still preferred by a great many players today. The perceived problems were based on a couple of basic physical criteria. The Flat Pole design did not compensate for the natural sound of the different strings in various diameters and construction materials. Also, the Flat Pole design did not compensate for the Radius of the neck, making some strings closer to the poles. Staggering the pole height, allowed compensation for both of these issues, however, the “G” string at the time, was typically a wound string (like the D,A and E) and thus the quietest on the guitar, a big motivator of staggering. As lighter gauge strings came along, and the uses of these style guitars grew commensurate with the changing styles in music (and culture) the use of the plain “G” became prevalent. With the raised pole, the “G” was now usually the loudest string on the guitar. This, and the non-wavering desire for the earlier Flat Pole sound, have been big motivators in keeping the Iconic Flat Pole pickup around.

Keeping it simple, the Jimmy Wallace Flat Pole pickups recreate the basic early design. Materials selection and construction techniques insure that these pickups deliver faithful sonic renditions of the original issue.

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