50’s “Sierra/S-Style” Pickup (set)

"Some of the earliest electric guitar pickups were manufactured by gifted technicians and were the results of trial and error. These efforts lead to one of the most time-tested pickup designs ever…the early single coil pickup. Early versions had black bottoms and were dipped in wax to help with microphonic tendencies. This, of course, created a cosmetic signature that became more and more significant as the years reeled by. The Jimmy Wallace Vintage 50’s pickups utilize the wire, magnets, construction techniques and yes, even the wax dipping that are all contributing factors in producing a pickup that has the incredible sound, look and responsiveness of the vintage original. Having owned (for many years) some of the oldest vintage electric instruments known to exist, Jimmy says “these are the real deal!”

Authentic Black Bottom
42AWG Plain Enamel Wire
.195 Diameter Beveled Magnets
Wax Dipped
A confidential treatment to simulate the chronological effect of older pickups.
Application of specific construction methods that have been re-developed from extensive research.
Typical Pickup Output – 5.7K to 6.1K *Pickup Outputs will vary somewhat, considering they are hand wrapped."

Demo of 50s Type  Pickup as played by Joe Mass. 

 Bridge Position

Neck Position


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