60's Type” “Sierra/S-Style” Pickup (Black Bottom- set)

"The end of the 50’s brought several changes to the design of popular guitars of the day. Among these were changes including the use of Rosewood fingerboards and changes in single-coil pickups. The results were pickups that were similar in design but with black bottoms. These were often dated in pencil by the builder. Other changes included the use of wire that was a deep burgundy in color, and back again were the cast, slug Alnico magnets. The clarity and presence of the former pickups (from the previous decade) was still preserved, however, the 60’s pickups are thought by many to have a warmer and slightly fuller sound. This may be due in part to the use of Rosewood fingerboards and/or other changes in wood materials selection. However, most believe that the 60’s pickups have their own distinct sound, and that this sound, while different, is every-bit as pleasing to the ear and inspirational to the player. Having unmistakable clarity - and a warmth that can only be described as pure 60’s - the Jimmy Wallace Vintage 60’s Type pickups achieve the original sound and revive this inspirational connection.

Authentic Black Bottom
42AWG Plain Enamel Wire
.185 Diameter Beveled Magnets
Lacquer Dipped
A confidential treatment to simulate the chronological effect of older pickups.
Application of specific construction methods that have been re-developed from extensive research.
Typical Pickup Output – 5.7K to 6.1K *Pickup Outputs will vary somewhat, considering they are hand wrapped.

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