Soap Bar (pair)

Unlike the various siblings offered in the Fender line of the 1950’s, the
Jazzmaster guitar introduced a pickup that was flat and wide invoking the nickname “soap bar”. Unlike the regular thin and taller windings found on the Stratocaster and pretty much all other Fenders of the time, the coils are wound flat. This design offered a clean and clear tone that is normally associated with single coil pickups, but also accomplished a unique warmth, a characteristic that was aimed at Jazz musicians and others looking for a more mellow capability in a solid body instrument, hence the name “Jazzmaster”. As the associated specifications below confirm, the Jimmy Wallace Single Coil Vintage re-creation delivers a product as close to the original as possible, and faithfully achieves both the mellow tone, and the iconic more brassy tones as used by bands and musicians from 1959 to the present.

The Jimmy Wallace “Soap bar” utilizes Slightly De-gaussed Alnico IV Elongated, Rough Cast, Threaded Pole Magnets with 42 AWG Plain Enamel Lacquer dipped wire. They are Hand Assembled Using Specific Re-developed Construction Methods resulting From Extensive Research.

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