Lipstick Pickup (set)


Originally developed by Dan Electro, the Lipstick pickup gained it’s name from being constructed within the confines of an actual Lipstick tube. It is a simple design with very distinct tonal characteristics. With edgy top end and less defined  bass, it is perfect for the over-driven scenarios commonly required in modern music. The Jimmy Wallace version faithfully employs these characteristics in a package that both includes the iconic Lipstick design and a precise base that allows direct installation into Stratocaster and similarly configured guitars.

Sold as a set,  the center pickup is reverse wound, providing a wide array of tonal possibilities. They are made with Alnico IV magnets and waxed dipped coils of 43AWG Formvar wire. All Jimmy Wallace pickups are Hand-assembled using specific re-developed construction techniques that are the result of extensive research. The typical neck pickup output is 6.2k with Middle at 6.5k and Bridge pickup being 7k.

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Type: Pickup

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