P90 Dog Ear (pair)

Although relegated to more budget style guitars after the inception of the Humbucker, the P 90 became widely used in the “Dog Ear “configuration found on the ES 330, the Epiphone Casino and others. These models of guitars produced some of the most significant and unforgettable tones throughout the history of contemporary music. The Jimmy Wallace Vintage “Dog Ear” P 90 pickups are hand-crafted in this configuration, making them interchangeable with a multitude of Gibson and other similar stock guitar pickups. They have the familiar raw power and unbridled mid-range presence that has worked so well in modern music. They are excellent replacements for all such P 90 equipped guitars - including the early Jazz guitars.

Construction Features include: A-5 Slightly Degaussed, Rough cast (vintage correct) elongated magnets. Plain enameled wire of 42 AWG thickness. Each is hand assembled, including wire wrapping. Specific construction methods that have been re-developed from extensive research are used on each pickup. The typical Bridge Pickup Output is 8.1K with the Neck Pickup Output being about 7.8K.

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Type: Pickup

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