T Top Humbucking

The original vintage “T-Top” Gibson Humbucking pickups were introduced as an updated version of the venerable PAF and early Patent No. pickups. They are characterized by the “T” impressed on the top of each of the internal bobbins. It is widely believed that the ”T” was added as a reference, aiding the assemblers in keeping congruent
directionality in an ever-growing mass production manufacturing scenario. Typically considered a product of the early 70’s, there are examples of this Humbucking version found in some late 60’s guitars. The T-Tops are similar to the orginal PAF and Patent No. pickups offering minor internal geometric and material differences. They are generally thought of as having a slightly cleaner, or less muddy sound. While perhaps less than well received as the PAF/Patent No. replacement, they ultimately came to be known for their inherent “musical” sound quality and somewhat distinctive sound. They are sought-after today, and are typically valued as vintage components tend to be.

The Jimmy Wallace “T” Top Humbucking pickup instantly delivers the unique sonic qualities of this original vintage pickup design. This is achieved through faithful attention to detail in sourcing authentic materials and maintaining strict crafting techniques associated with the original processes. They are musical and clear, while maintaining the full-bodied power of the vintage Humbucking design.

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