Teye El Torero

Teye El Torero Serial No. 00524. Great looking woods and cosmetic appointments. With Case.

Plates & Inlays
Teye was inspired to investigate the sonic properties of aluminium plating and special inlays; crafted plates, often hand engraved by Teye, and custom inlays add beauty, clarity and pop to the Teye sound

24 Fret Neck
The  24-fret neck actually goes all the way up to an e, a crucial note (root and 5th) in ‘typical guitar keys’ like E and A. But more importantly: 24 frets place the neck pickup in a better position. When you move the neck pickup slightly closer to the bridge, its frequency response becomes slightly brighter and more in line with the response of the bridge pickup.

The sound guys at a show once used Teye’s undersaddle pickup, but added two microphones to his Flamenco guitar: one of which was pointed at his headstock.  The resulting brilliance and added musical whisper inspired Teye to pay special attention to his headstocks, which add incredibly to the guitar’s overall Tonal character.

In Teye’s words: coil splitting gives options but with unusable tones – and is on or off. Teye wanted to sweep through great uncompromised tones using his switch and knob positions. So he came up with a filtering system that did just that.

Specialist Wood
Teye guitars often use Korina, a “super mahogany” African wood that is difficult to work, but provides for great looks, a sweeter midrange and enhanced responsiveness

The Teye bridge is a very tight construction made of aluminum chosen for its stiffness and lightness and brilliant resonance. The saddles are ¼” wide and the string guided over the full ¼” (6.35mm) after Teye started to replace his 2mm wide bone saddles on his flamenco guitars with 3mm because the sound was better with the wider saddle. Teye’s experiments led to the ¼” size. Teye goes back to aluminum bars, for added jangle.

5 Way Switch
An advanced 4-deck rotary switch mounted on a lever packs an incredible amount of potency – pickup,phase and mix selections – underneath a classic and familiar feel

Teye’s first prototype tailpieces were massive hand-shaped blocks of engraved aluminum. Then an experiment led to a thinner bar of brass. The Tone jumped: more lows, more highs, and much more midrange punch. But it was ugly, so Teye quickly added an engraved hand-shaped aluminum cover.

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